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A billion to one is OUT! 

Unnamed Source is proud to be a big part of the worldwide TV project

"A Billion to One"

It is the world's largest collaboration for a TV project ... ever! 

Adam Thompson is Head Writer 

for the global writing room of 12

and produces one of the key characters, 

"Jack the Hacker"
based in Green Bay, WI , directed by Nik Rastia.

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All producers were leaders in the media realm before joining the Unnamed Source team. Each has at least 20 years of professional  journalism or creative writing or video production experience, and are award-winners in their field.

Adam Thompson​


Adam founded Unnamed Source Productions after years of toiling away as a screenwriter, in addition to a longtime career as award-winning sports editor/columnist. 

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Leading Partners

Nik Rastia 



Nik is the brilliant eye behind the lenses and monitors. He is also owner of his own production company, Mind's Eye Productions. 

Scott Young 



Scott is a successful veteran producer and director with experience in all aspects of filmmaking. He is co-founder of The Diaz Brothers production company. 

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"Escape from Egg Harbor" released!
"Escape from Egg Harbor," a fantasy early chapter books for boys and girls ages 8-14 written by Unnamed Source writer Adam Thompson, is being compared favorably to "The Magic Treehouse" series.
A real review from a mom: 
“As a family we went to on vacation and my son Noah picked up your book, "Escape from Egg Harbor." Once he started to read it he COULDN'T put it down. He even read it an additional 2 times he enjoyed it so much. Noah is keeping his fingers crossed that you will be writing more stories like "Escape from Egg Harbor." Thank you for helping Noah develop a love for reading. Honestly before he picked up your book it was more about looking at the pictures and just light reading of non-fiction books. But with your book it was almost like he was able to grasp the joy that comes with reading a book and using your imagination to see it as it unfolds. Thank you again!”
It is available at Amazon.com and in bookstores across the Midwest. Click on the book cover to find it online! --->
"Invasion" project begins
The CollabFeature feature film project "Invasion" has begun, with Adam Thompson as Head Writer for the ambitious sci-fi thriller. 
"When a computer glitch allows all machines to think for themselves, people around the world band together to stop the threat -- or simply survive."
Stay tuned!
UPDATES and notes
***The horror short "Day 3" is in pre-production with a TBD shoot coming up in Green Bay, WI
***Hilarious comedy pilot "The Hereafter Hotline" is looking at winter, 2020 for shooting in Carson City, NV
***Abititious comedy "Trips" is in pre-production in Los Angeles and Reno, NV with a 2020 shoot planned
***Adam Thompson has been chosen as one of two lead writers for upcoming animation project "Maui Kitty's Play Day," based on the popular children's books
Check back for details!
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